Self Locking Weight Belt

Why Use a Weight Belt?

During Workout/Activity:             

  • support back

  • reduce or eliminate back pain

  • core stabilization

  • better manage heavier loads

A neurosurgeon once stated that 25% of people in the US are affected by low back problems. 

When stretching or pain relief cremes aren’t enough, then consider more effective back support.  Many experts in bodybuilding, chiropractic and spine specialists agree that having proper back support and technique goes a long way in protecting the low back during high stress activities.


 That’s exactly what the D-Fit Arrow™ Self Locking Weightlifting Belt is designed to do! 





Ever put on a belt that felt like it had cardboard in it without true back support?  Our high quality, durable nylon belt with stay-put self-lock buckle gives real support. 


Certain belts can’t be easily folded and transported.  No more having to plan ahead for belt use or carrying separately.  Our belt easily folds and fits in your bag.  Keep with you anytime and on-the-go.


Ever had trouble getting a belt to fit just right because the buckle holes weren't where you needed them to be?  The velcro closure enables you to size the belt to YOUR fit.

Why Choose The Arrow  

Self Locking Weight Belt?




Some belts dig into the ribs & skin.  You have enough to think of during your workout & don’t need this added discomfort.  Our rounded seams & even contour keep you pain free-at least from the belt-can’t promise for the muscles!


  • Traditional Weightlifting

  • Olympic Lifts

  • Crossfit

  • Functional Fitness

  • Squats, Deadlifts & More

  • Moving Furniture

  • Landscaping / Yard Work

  • Tile / Grout Work

  • Carpet Laying

  • Heavier Lifting of Any Sort!




STAYS LOCKED! Don’t you hate when Velcro belts come undone in the middle of a lift or squat?  This is dangerous and can hurt your back!  Never worry about dumping weights mid-lift again during training.  Our self-locking buckle is your fail-safe.


FREE How-To Video

Even though the Self-Locking Buckle seems to be a pretty easy, intuitive feature that we think you'll get the hang of right away, we have provided a video to make sure you're good to go from the first try!  Click below:

Specs & Size Chart


  • Velcro Closure

  • Self-Locking Buckle


  • Durable Nylon

  • No "Cardboard-Like" Filler

Color:              Width:   4"

  • Black

Size Options:

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Extra-Large

Love It or Your Money Back

We believe that once you have learned to use The Arrow™ Self Locking Weight Belt, that you will LOVE it!  In fact, we GUARANTEE it.  We want nothing less than your 100% satisfaction.  That is why you have 30 days to try The Arrow™ risk-free.  If for any reason it is not a good fit for you, we will offer a replacement or refund.  So go ahead, get one for you and someone you know that would love to get better back support.  This belt is a MUST HAVE for those wanting MORE from their workouts & activites:

More Safety    I    More Comfort     I    More Strength


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