14 Day Challenge

Would you like to have faster muscle recovery?

Would you like to MOVE better with more comfort & ease?

Would you like better performance in your activities or workouts?

Would you like to reduce tweaks, twinges & pains throughout the body?

If you said YES to any of these questions then you'll want to join our Arrow Foam Rolling Challenge!


  1. Click the button below join.  For joining, you'll receive a $3 OFF coupon code via email.

  2. Use your email link to obtain The Arrow™ High Density Foam Roller for this challenge using your $3 OFF coupon code.  Normally it's $22.95, but you will receive it for $19.95 as part of this Challenge.  

  3. After your purchase, click your email invite to join our Arrow™ Foam Rolling Challenge Facebook Group and to gain access to our Video Library of 30+ How-To Videos.

  4. Participate in the group for at least 14 days posting your Arrow™ foam rolling pictures, progress updates, questions and comments.  

  5. Reap the A-MAZING benefits of incorporating foam rolling into YOUR life!

  6. After successfully completing the 14 Day Challenge, you will be eligible for our monthly drawing for a FREE Arrow™ Foam Roller!  After experiencing this on the regular, you'll love to have another for travel, your workplace, as a gift, and more.  :)

Challenges  like this are ALWAYS  more fun with a friend!  Click to invite your friends to do the  challenge with you:


What was of value to you in this... ?

Value of small movements, different angles, I like the roller itself.

Very valuable.  I could tell where I have big knots in my muscles; some of the spots were unexpected!... I especially like that there is a website we can refer to as a refresher/reminder.

size of roller is handy/verstatile/ convenient.  Options for everyday relief.

The roller and the demonstrations.  I have back pain & this is going to help so much!

The roller and the demonstrations.  I have back pain & this is going to help so much!

Excellent presentation on massage use for foam roller.  Will use these daily.

Very helpful with all of the modifications.... sciatic relief

I deal with back issues/back pain on a regular basis-this class/roller is another tool in my tool belt!

I got to learn a lot of self massage techniques that I can use with the foam roller that I can use. at home before bed or after a workout!

Learning new movements & having chair, floor or wall options.

Learning how to roll, what to roll & receiving a foam roller.

Deawna provides real life experiences & encourages particpants to share.

Deawna is so patient.


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