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Fitness workouts done on mats on top of the water. These workouts are done in a ladder-style progression combining plank movements, squats, V-sits, mountain climbers & more. Get ready to incorporate strength, cardio and balance movements for a total body workout that will challenge you in a unique way that land workouts don't. Not only that but you get to enjoy the outdoors while having so much FUN!


These classes take place on a small lake at a resort-style property in Franklin Park close to the entrance for Blueberry Hill Park. The exact address will be given upon registration. Let's put it this way, to call it beautiful is an UNDERSTATEMENT. It's such a scenic, gorgeous and calming environment.


60 minute sessions including set-up & breakdown

Sat, Aug 25   11:30 am

*Groups of 4 or more can schedule additional private times.

Please contact Deawna to arrange.


$35 per individual class OR


$25 per class with minimum purchase of 4 classes


*Please see "Refund & Weather Policy" below before purchasing.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know how to swim?

Basic swimming skills are required. You are welcome to bring a life jacket. We also provide swim belts--flotational belts you wear around your waist. If you do end up in the water, it's important for you to either get back up on the board or swim to more shallow water.

How deep is the water?

The fitness mat itself is positioned over water that's about 3' - 5' deep. The depth varies from the front end to the back end of the board.

What type of water is it? (i.e. pool, lake, etc)

The water is a small man-made lake that is treated to prevent algae and certain types of bacteria. There are fish in this lake. You will most likely be bound to see koi fish in particular. They are beautiful and tend to keep to themselves when there is activity in the water.

How fit do I have to be?

We suggest that you are fit enough to be able to climb up on the board from the water. We can assist if needed. Also, there should be no injuries or limitations that would prevent safe practice of balance work and/or getting up and down from all fours to a standing position. Lastly, we would suggest that there are no equilibrium conditions present. Regarding intensity level, various levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced options are offered throughout the class. Additional modifications can also be offered as needed. As long as you are able to perform the movements described above, then we strongly encourage you to try this class as it will help develop balance, core and total body strength.

What do I need to wear and bring?

Wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet. This could be a bathing suit, workout clothes, a wetsuit, etc. We recommend wearing form-fitting items so that they don't hang down when in inverted positions, or so that they don't overstretch when wet and get in the way. Keep in mind that you will be working out and will be moving quite a bit which can cause bathing suits to shift. For this reaso, some people feel more comfortable wearing shorts over their bathing suit bottoms. The bottom of the lake is made of small landscaping gravel. Some prefer to wear wet shoes or pool shoes when walking in the lake, but it's not necessary. Some shoes, however, might affect grip on the fitness mat. You can always bring them and choose to take them off if needed. Bring a water bottle and pool/beach towel. You might choose to bring a set of dry clothes to change into afterwards. Keep in mind that the bathroom available can accommodate one person at a time. As mentioned in a previous question, you can opt to bring your own lifejacket if you want. However, flotational swim belts are provided. Lastly, consider sunscreen and long hair management (i.e. pony tail holder, swim cap, etc) as needed.

Where does the class take place?

These classes take place on a small lake at a resort-style property in the Franklin Park area of Northern Pittsburgh. It is off of Nicholson road down the street from the Baierl YMCA. The exact address will be given upon registration. Let's put it this way, to call it beautiful is an UNDERSTATEMENT. It's such a scenic, gorgeous and calming environment.

Deawna Alfonsi

Deawna has over 20 years in the fitness industry as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist.  She's been a Master Trainer for TurboKick and for the AASDN Nutrition Specialist Instructor Trainings.  She's the former owner of D-Fit by Deawna Fitness & Wellness Studio, creator of the RAvEnergy! Dance Fitness Format and Project "Jumpstart!" Weight Loss Programs as well as the current producer of fitness products such as The Arrow Foam Roller and Self-Locking Weight Belt.  She LOVES to put the FUN in fitness in all of her classes.  Teaching is her passion.


There are only 5 boards available per class.  A minimum of 4 people per class is required to run.  Once registered for a class, a board is specifically reserved for you.  Therefore, a minimum of 24 hours' notice is required to cancel or reschedule a class.  If notice is not given within the 24 hours preceding the class time, then no refund or transfer will be issued as we still incur the same costs as if you had been present.

With timely notice as described above, you can choose to transfer your registration into another available time slot.  However, no refunds will be given.  Therefore, we recommend making the most of your investment by attending any of our available classes.

The only time a refund will be issued is if we have to cancel class either because there was not a minimum of 4 people registered, or the weather was inclement.  Should this happen, you will be given the option for a refund or to transfer into another available class.

We will hold class as long as the temperature is a minimum of 70 degrees and there are no storms.  A class may still be held if there is a light drizzle.  The presence of thunder and/or lightening will require us to immediately stop a class.  If class must be discontinued while you are in attendance, then you will receive a $10 credit to apply to another class.  If no other class times work for you, then you can opt for a $10 refund.

Join a Water Fitness Class*

*Please see "Refund & Weather Policy" above before purchasing.



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