Why Foam Roll?

Before Workout/Activity:             

  • warm up the muscles

  • improve performance

  • prevent injury

During Workout As Exercise:

  • improve balance

  • improve core stability

  • improve strength

  • improve range of motion

After Workout/Activity:             

  • reduce muscle recovery time

  • reduce muscle soreness

  • reduce tweaks & twinges

Self-Massage & Relaxation:

  • release knots & tension points in muscle

  • increase blood flow to areas

  • help keep joints lubricated and limber

  • reduce or eliminate muscle aches & pains




Super Well-Thought-Out Design

-V-shape "Arrow" designed for a smoother, gentler rolling experience

-Targeted nodules designed for a deeper, more intense rolling experience

-Perfectly balanced to go easy on the areas that need it yet still trigger points that need you to delve more deeply 


Extremely Functional Size

-Large enough to be effective yet small enough for easy-on-the-go

-Effortless to switch positions and access more areas of the body

-Minimal use of space when storing such as under bed or in closet

-Can be placed into many gym bags or cases for traveling




Amazingly Durable Construction

-Holds shape even with highly repetitive use over time

-Surface resistant to divots, scratches & tears

-Anti-slip surface keeps you stable   during use & getting on/off the roller

-Colorfast materials that do not mark the walls and floor during use

-Softer EVA foam wrapped around an incredibly strong, hollow PVC core allows for comfort and deeper access to muscles where you want it

Why Choose "The Arrow" Foam Roller?


FREE How-To Video Library

Not sure what to do with "The Arrow" foam roller?  Don't worry!  Deawna has you covered.  She walks you step-by-step through about 30 different movements and exercises with this foam roller.  So that you can quickly pick out which videos to watch, Deawna has separated the videos into the Massage Series - for use before or after activity, self-massage and relaxation purposes - and the Exercise Series, for use during a workout or for exercise.  Each title is clearly labeled with the name of the massage movement or exercise and the muscles being targeted.  A handful of the Exercise Series videos also list any optional equipment you might choose to add.  Rest assured, whether a first-time user or a seasoned fitness-goer, there is something in this video library for everyone!

Features & Specs


  • High Density

  • Hollow


  • EVA Foam Exterior

  • PVC inner core


  • Green Chartreuse Exterior

  •  Black Interior


  • 13" x 5.5"

  • 1.9 lbs.

Recommended Weight Limit:  up to 300 lbs.

Maximum Capacity:  300 lbs.

Love It or Your Money Back

We believe that once you have learned to use The Arrow foam roller, that you will LOVE it!  In fact, we GUARANTEE it.  We want nothing less than your 100% satisfaction.  That is why you have 30 days to try The Arrow risk-free.  If for any reason it is not a good fit for you, we will offer a replacement or refund.  So go ahead, get one for you and someone you know that would love to reduce muscle aches, pains and tension throughout their body.  We have to caution you, though.  Once you've tried The Arrow you may find yourself repeatedly saying "oooh" and "aaah."


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